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"They feed with food-despite their own need for it, for the love of HIM, to the indigent, the orphan and the captive, saying: we feed you purely for the sake of GOD alone, no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks." (Al-Qur’an 76:8-9)
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What We Do

Nation Building foundation for Aid and Development is an organization to help the needy and underprivileged people in underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh; to build up human life, enlighten with education, sense of self-development, physical and social consciousness, irrespective of sex, religion, or class; in all situations, especially in disaster and social deprivation.


Our Areas of Work

In Natural Emergency Situation:

  • Housing, Clothing, Food, sanitation, water, and medical aid

Self Development:

  • Education, skill training, social awareness, adult education, women consciousness


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Our Programs:


Running Two Orphanages:

    51 and 50 children respectively, providing them with lodging, food, education, clothing, health care.


  • Running a Non-Formal Primary Education – to provide basic literacy for students of varied ages who have never gone to school
  • Formal Education (Elementary to College Level) – to provide systematic education
  • Formal Hifz Education – to help students memorize the holy Quran and learn basic Islamic knowledge from Quran and Hadith
  • Training for the Adult – to train people in career oriented fields for a means of earning

Prayer Complex:

  • Establish Masajid (2 completed)
  • Provide counseling and guidance
  • Guidance for moral development
  • Advise about responsibilities and share & care
  • Ethical development and service to nation and humanity
  • Family counseling

Ongoing / Future

Medical Assistance and Healthcare:

  • Establish deep tube wells for pure drinking water – (Ongoing -3 tube wells built)
  • Build sanitary latrine – (Ongoing – 5 built)
  • Provide emergency primary medical aid (Ongoing)
  • Arrangement of doctors for treatment and medication without cost (Ongoing)
  • Advising children development and nutrition (Ongoing)
  • Counseling to build up a drug free and non-abusive society (Ongoing)
  • Provide midwifery and nursing assistance
  • Establish a small-scale hospital

Shelter and Housing:

  • Secure home for widows and homeless people

Rural Developmental Activities:

  • Providing rickshaw (pedicab) van among poor rickshaw pullers
  • Build workshop for rickshaw pullers
  • Providing technical support in
    • Agriculture
    • Poultry farm
    • Fisheries
    • Carpentry
    • Others

Emergency Response:

  • Provide relief and help during natural disasters or accidents
  • Helping to rebuild homes and providing resources for survival

Community Center and Library

  • Establish libraries and promote reading and writing activities (Ongoing)
  • Arrangement facilities for physical and mental fitness for youths (Ongoing)
  • Arrangement of books and materials for learning and skill development (Ongoing)
  • Establish community centers for youth activities