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Appeal for Donation/Help for the Cause of Allah.

Dear Brother/Sister in Islam,

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

Nation Building Foundation for Aid and Development, Inc. (NBF), a US registered Non Profit Organization, is running a Fazil (Degree Level) Madrasa (Uttar Ramjanpur Fazil Madrasa), two Hafezi Madrasa, two Orphanages (Yateem Khana with 51+50=101 orphans), an adult learning center, one Free Medical aid center, and other social welfare activities at Kalkini, Madaripur, in Bangladesh. The organization is providing clothing, food, lodge, books, and other educational materials for the orphans and poor students. Out of 600, 250 students are fully dependent on the NBF support. The Nation Building Foundation for Aid and Development, Inc. (NBF) is putting its best efforts with its sister organization “Al Islahul Ummah Trust” since 1984 for the spread of Islamic Education and Social Welfare for the poor, widow, and the helpless locale.
In the past you have exemplified what our Lord, Allah, has described about you when He (SWT) said, “The believers, men and women, are Awliyaa’ (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors) of one another…” (9:71) We appreciate every little bit of your support and consciousness towards our efforts to build a better improved nation.

We have come a long way with your support. Since last year, there have been an increasing number of children in both of the orphanages. Additionally, two mosque complexes under local demand are also being completed, which are part of the two orphanage campuses. We are now able to provide living quarters (dormitory) for our orphan students (who used to receive only education), along with daily meals, clothing, and even health care. The addition of the centers in the campuses now allows the student’s classrooms separate from their dorms. We have added more teachers and shortened class size to pay more attention to our students and increased the quality of education; and our Hifz class has increased threefold. These are only few of the many aspects of our progress during the last few years with your great contribution.

To continue regularly this noble effort the Institutions needs about $125,000.00 yearly. Thus NBF appeals for your financial generous support. Give your Donation / Zakat / Sadaqah for this organization. Please write the check payable to ‘Nation Building Foundation for Aid and Development, Inc. (NBF)‘ and mention on the memo the type of your donation to use the amount in the proper heads.

Dear Brother / Sister, ‘InshaAllah’ currently we are in construction of the tin shade of the 5-storied brick Madrasa building, which will require almost $6.5 million. We extremely need your generous support and help to fulfill this endeavor. We hope you continue to support with your Du’a and Generous Donations.


Your Brother in Islam,
M. Sayeedur Rahman Khan
Professor M. Sayeedur Rahman Khan
Nation Building Foundation for Aid & Development, Inc. and
Chairman, Al Islahul Ummah Trust